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EPW Clash of the Champions I: Death Before Destruction Results

Chris Benoit defeated Mike Theory in a TV Title #1 contendership match.

Bob Orton Jr. defeated Chris Benoit to retain the TV Title, in a good match.

Rhino w/ Shawn Hacaga defeats Christina Van Dam…Shawn turns on Rhino after the match, and RVD crowns him the other Tag Team Champion…making Christina VD and Shawn Hacaga EpW’s Tag Team Champions.

RVD announces he took over the show, banned Al Snow, gave Scott Hall the night off, and will not compete in Chamber of Horrors…He made it Mikey Whipwreck vs Raven vs Vic Jericho vs Christopher Daniels vs CM Punk vs Violent J vs Savio Mavio.

Jamie Madrox defeats RVD in a huge upset…RVD then blasted a chair across his head.

RVD is shown backstage, breaking shit and beating up officials in a rage. He challenges Madrox to a Cage Match Monday. Madrox accepts in a later interview with Kevin Kelly.

Chamber of Horrors: Mikey vs Vic vs CM Punk vs Raven vs Daniels vs Violent J vs Savio Mavio
-Vic teased teaming with Violent J, then gave him a Chasez Cutter, then Mikey threw him in the gas chamber.
-CM Punk then fought off all 5 for a while, until being overwhelmed by Vic & Savio.
-Daniels eliminates Punk, then Mikey challenges Punk to a Human Torch Match at the PPV.
-Vic and Raven brawl while Savio & Mikey double team Daniels.
-Mikey & Savio try to eliminate Daniels…RVD runs out of the gas chamber, attacking them both with chairshots, then dropping the chair on Daniels and hitting a legdrop. RVD hits Raven in the back of the head with the chair, Vandaminates Vic, then poses and leaves.
-Everyone is knocked out, and slowly start to get up.
-Vic & Raven start to get brutal with one another, Raven biting a piece of Vic’s nose of.
-After Daniels is eliminated, Raven-Mikey-Savio all make the “X” symbol, and attack Vic.
-After Vic is gone, Raven is attacked by Mikey & Savio, but Mikey & Savio soon start to fight, and Raven elims them both in consecutive rolls.
-Raven wins the match.
-Nad then came out, and said he’s offering his brother Raven an X-Mas present. Raven asks if it’s some sort of trick, Nad says no. Raven then opens the box, it’s their mother’s head!!!! Raven then chases Nad through the crowd, and into the parking lot, where they brawl between cars. Nad White Chapel Slams Raven through a car windshield and leaves.

Order of Elim:
-Violent J by Mikey
-CM Punk by Daniels
-Daniels by Savio
-Vic by Raven
-Mikey by Raven
-Savio by Raven
Survivor: Raven

I have no f’n clue what the hell happened to Griff…I’m gonna run the card Monday if he doesn’t resurface by then

Confirmed Matches for Monday:
-RVD vs Jamie Madrox in a Steel Cage!

If you have an idea for a match you want Monday, email me…And be reasonable, there won’t be an Al Snow vs Doag5 EpW World Title Match or anything like that

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